Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Killing time yesterday while waiting for my PADDYWGN1 taxi to arrive at FREDDYS in Sumner,  I found THE JEW/EL OF THE NILE for $5.59. ~ ~ It looked like a good way to rap up Black History Month, so I grabbed it.  ~ ~ Then I went outside in front of the main entrance to wait for it. ~ ~ And god damn me Jesus, there was my long lost BYU film school brother, Nyle Smith himself, sitting in one of those electronic chair scooters; with an oxygen tube pushed up his nose; exactly like in the ending scenes of VERY BAD THINGS. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WW:II NOTES: Before getting into my new movie about the ancient history of the sons of Ham, who founded masonite Egypt, I felt impressed to watch AP:1. Wherein the Americans saved England in WW:II from a second 'W' presidential relationship with Mr.Cameron et all. ~ ~ Hence, that power plant explosion outside London on the premiere day of THE BROTHERS GRIMSY. ~ ~Note the rather large boner icon in the various news reports, like at: ~ ~ Talk about taking that final "whore's bath" in the luxurious bridal suite before getting married for all time and eternity in the cleansed Las Vegas Temple during the era of Donald Trump at: ~ ~ PS JULIA ROBERTS: True or false. Those tabloid reports about you buying a second sprawling [HOTEL CALIFORNIA] motel size house across the street from you in Malibu are based upon pure logical existential inspiration from God. ~ ~ Wherein all of YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS in that prophetic Neil Labute mormon movie can come together and forgive one another; prior to their physical transfiguration blood cleansing vampire happening red wine sacrament rites at your local Mel Gibson temple mount endowment House of the Lord. ~ ~ Per Paul Newman's HARPER prophecy about Miranda Kerr and Jennifer Aniston and I getting  married to each other; even if both of you don't want to do it right now. ~ ~ Where I come from, they call this "method acting".  ~ ~ Yeah, whatever, ha ha, just as long as the check doesn't bounce. ~ ~ PS SANDRA BULLOCK: Don't even think about trying to not think about me every single god damn day of your life. ~ ~ Me Tarzan, you Jane. ~ ~

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