Friday, February 26, 2016


Dear Christ Rock; I AM is counting on you to make me look good this Sunday. ~ ~ Remember, me Tarzan, you my skinny crack ho nigger bitch. Who gets anything that she wants, if she treats me right. ~ ~ Otherwise, you have no promise. ~ ~ For example, little Miss Nasty suddenly died at 57 in the day 1290 twin cities area on the same day of the GRAMMYS the other day. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NILE NOTES: The 5.6 joke happens in THE JEWEL OF THE NILE at about 39:... minutes.  Following up the Sodom and Egypt camel humping ride scene at about 27:... minutes. ~ ~ Of course, the simpatico Omar usurper revolutionary in the 1985 prophecy is a handsome and charismatic 'Obama' figure; circa 16.  ~ ~ Per my dream last night about profusley  thanking Hillary Clinton from the bottom of my heart for the birthday present that she will give me in 2016. ~ ~ PS GLENN BECK: What the fuck ever happened to your sense of humor?  ~ ~ You are starting to sound these days like your typical polite society columnist who writes for USA TODAY. ~ ~ "I think we can do better than that." [ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, 1976.] ~ ~ PS TRUMP: Medicare and Medicaid are nothing but born again retro 1930s era reformed third-way fascism. ~ ~ And so until we start to see people actually dying on the sidewalks because they cannot get free medical care, there will be no restoration of the original US Constitution. And therefore everything will continue to be just like it always was; under Clinton:2  Bush:2, Reagan:2... You get the picture. ~ ~ "She had fun fun fun until daddy took the T-Bird away..." THE BEACH BOYS, circa 1967-69. ~ ~ In other words, people who are too afraid to live free or die don't really believe in a real God anymore; not to mention capital punishment. ~ ~

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