Friday, February 5, 2016


That corrupt construction crane in the number '16' song in VERY BAD THINGS [1998] collapsed this morning off Church Ave in New York because all of those Republican church goers like Glenn Beck are maddly marshalling their anti TRUMP TOWER forces behind the Republican establishment. ~ ~ Oh yeah. ~ ~ Glenn Beck's recent declaration against the mainstream LDS church Republican Party in SLC, Utah was nothing but a big bowl of Iowa CORN FLAKES with white milk and white sugar from the start. ~ ~ Hence that devastating tornado in Sapp, Alabama right after the flaky saps in Iowa voted for anyone else except Donald Trump. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS HOWARD STERN: Now is the time to get it in 3rd gear; i.e. this year, not next year. ~ ~ The 42 months period of Sandra Bullock pretending to ignore me in REV.11 is all but over. Same thing goes for Mel Gibson and Bruce Willis et all; not to mention the hot headed Ken Kemp and the warm and fuzzy Bruce Troxell. ~ ~ Time is money. ~ ~ Especially when one is out of time. ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: Don't be so upset. ~ ~ Have I AM ever let you down with it the past? ~ ~ Please let me know this year if you need anything more in terms of money and inspiring born-again youthful sex with beautiful underaged young virgin girls; who will make you feel like living a few years longer. ~ ~ Which is why I AM is here for you now, not later, not last year. ~ ~ PS LINDSAY LOHAN: Thoroughly loving your orange tan job homage to Donald Trump at: ~ ~ I AM is going to vote for him too in 16. ~ ~ The way I see it. ~ ~ If the powers that be today want to force all of us to become socialists; why not be a right-wing socialist, instead of a left-wing socialist?

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