Sunday, February 28, 2016


You talking to me Hillary? ~ ~ No. Actually, I'm talking to you. ~ ~ From now on, you do what I tell you to do. ~ ~ You say what I tell you to say. ~ ~ You believe what I tell you to believe. ~ ~ Otherwise, you get butt kiss. ~ ~ And I get all of the hot young girls to boot. ~ ~ For example, Jude Law decided to take an insulant tone towards me and support the ongoing invasion of lost Israel in EZE.38 etc. ~ ~ So I had my niggers pounce on his posse from behind the camera and rob them of all of their smartie pants cell [phonies] just as soon as their cameras were turned off at: ~ ~ You fuck with me, I fuck with you, times two. ~ ~ As far as I'm concerned, there is not a dime's worth of diference between you and Donald Trump. ~ ~ Except for the fact that women should not have the civil right to vote.  Because when they do, then all the niggers just vote for their mother figures who protected them, and not the white men. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~PS SALMA: That white kid in the DELIVERANCE prophecy shot your 9 year-old guard dog because the era of the LAmanite darkies oppressing the more righteous white Nephites has now come to a long and painfully slow ending. ~ ~ In other words, he gave up his German Nazi shephard [rescue dog] life in order to rescue you.  ~ ~ Which is what it says that Jesus Christ did for you in 3 NEPHI. Where it talks about the 'marred servant' who will come to rescue you and your sisters in the last days. ~  ~ Yes! Your big dog did not deserve to die that way. That is exactly the point. ~ ~ FLASH NOTES: Last night I had a flash vision about the new DVDs rack at WALMART. Where I discovered some retro AUSTIN POWERS indie film rip off based on Clyde Lewis' anticommunist international Jewish bankers midnight [GROND ZERO RADIO] conspiracy theories about the fake moon landing in 1969,  at: ~ ~ Fuck the OSCARS; I know what I will be watching tonight. ~ ~ Any time that you give me a fresh new 007 spoof, set in London, that co-stars some kind of a surreal Will Ferrell look alike, you get moved up to the front of the line; no questions asked. ~ ~ PS MICHAEL MEDVED:  Donald Trump will become elected the next President of America because his support is based on sheer emotional terrorism. ~ ~ Learn it. Love it. Live with it.

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