Monday, February 22, 2016


The tapped out well waters turned black in Crystal Springs, Texas during Black History Month for a reason. ~ ~ Ergo, the white people are done with the black people fucking them in the ass in REV.9 meets DAN.9. ~ ~ This being the basic idea behind David Lynch's fat black Oprah church lady singer  in WILD AT HEART. ~ ~ "Elvis has left the building." and all of that 1960s VIVA LAS VEGAS meets LEAVING LAS VEGAS crap. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CRAPPED OUT NOTES: The reason why Harper Lee did not like being interviewed by the New York area's mainstream media Jews is because she knew that they were using her and her pure-at-heart novel for their own atheist Marxist anti white christian southerner reasons. ~ ~ Sure, by now everybody knows that the inferior race negros from Africa should be treated fairly; duhh... that's a given. ~ ~ But does that mean that we all have to become politically correct neo con establishment reformed churchy Stalinists now? ~ ~ Hell no! ~ ~ Let the games begin. ~ ~ PS MILEY: Veganism is classic wild at heart witchcraft. Which is the reason that every once in awhile God says that we are supposed to eat the tender young meat of our beloved young pet veals in a creamy thick [Swedish fondue] white garlic tomato sauce. Just to keep it real, if you will, like at: ~ ~ People who do not like to eat the flesh of animals, and are against capital punishment, tend to be a bit too sympathetical with their animalistic side. ~ ~ Per those two HANNIBAL LECTURER movies that were ultimately about Donald Trump becoming the President of America in 16.  ~ ~ Personally, my favorite one is the more age appropriate one that takes place in Florence, Italy, Tuscany. ~ ~ PS JIM CAREY: This is the career making screen shot that you have been waiting for all of your YES MAN life at: ~ ~

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