Saturday, February 13, 2016


That rumble between the squares and the southern Dixie-crats in CRY BABY was confirmed by the strong earthquake rumblings in Christchurch, New Zealand and OklahomO, USA. ~ ~ Where Taylor Swift just made her OUT OF THE WOODS music video tribute to Bonney Lake, Washington. ~ ~ Gonna have to go with my heart on this one. ~ ~ The young lady being from an evergreen Christ/mas tree farm in Pennsylvania; then the shit hits the highway there along I-78 in Lebanon County; then Justice Scalia dies at some LBJ David Letterman dude ranch down in Texas on the same day of the Bible Belt debate. ~ ~ Let me know if I AM is missing something here. ~ ~ Did Scalia ever even once utter a peep in public about American having a fack-checked illegal alien Commander in Chief in the White House? ~ ~ All I know for sure is that some of the secret underground Internet images of him in priestly black robes make him look like a typical mainstream church of the devil leader who is in his crazy 80s. ~ ~ Hard to say. When all you get at goggle are pictures that make him look like a clown; obviously put up there by Jewish media homosexuals and their communists sympathisers of Bernie Sanders. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIG PICTURE NOTES: Most of the neo fascist Jewish international banker's propaganda pix out there of Tony Scalia make him out to be some horror movie poster boy clown on an ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET THE WOLFMAN movie poster; like at: AND: ~ ~ However, now that we have the world wide web internet created by Bill Gates and Paul Allen et all in Seattle; crass censorship and suble political harrassment tactics no longer work that good; not to mention name calling. ~ ~ PS TAMMY: That guy on crutches at the classical music recital in IRRATIONAL MAN represents the Prince Charles look alike assassin in the original DAY OF THE JACKAL movie about my French wife in the swinging Fellini 70s. ~ ~ Even that same 39ish dude who drove an ALPHA ROMEO in the same thematic back-to-the-future physical transfiguration [sexual] healing movie. ~ ~ Think George Clooney starred in THE AMERICAN and CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MAN. ~ ~ Simply because he could never get me out of his mind and stop thinking about me every god damn day of the year. And the big time tax free cash money for it was pretty good too; not to mention the sex. ~ ~ Ergo, the assassin in the above cinematic prophecy looks about the same age as Princes Charles looks today. ~ ~

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