Monday, February 8, 2016


Gwyneth Paltrow was in that LA street number 111 court room with some GSR/TWN wanna be madman on the same day the casino bus crashed in Madison, Conn. on I-95. ~ ~ Think DOUBLE WHAMMY meets TWO IF BY SEA. ~ ~ In confirmation of his look alike philosophy professor in Woody Allen's physically transfigured 1996ish IRRATION MAN movie about me, like at: ~ ~ . ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ Note the above film's scenes that feature those SEES chocolates cut in half in juxaposition to the TIFFANY lamp in the background. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FRESH NOTES: Woody's Ornella Fresh motifs in IRRATIONAL MAN were inspired by her irrational exhusband who drove all of us down to Newport, Rhode Island once upon a time during the crazy MTV 1980s, like at: [April role plays Jennifer Anniston's spacious house full of expensive art pieces hanging on the walls in IRRATIONAL MAN.] ~ ~ PS SIENNA: No rush, but the next time that you and your sister have a few free days, go down to the Siena, Italia country side area and pick out a nice place for all of us to spend the holidays with our kids for the next 50 years. ~ ~ Preferably something with a little private vineyard acrage, and a nice size spring fed trout pond. ~ ~ PS DONALD: Jesus does not what you to move forward gay rights fascism. In fact he wants you to back off from it, and move it backwards, per: ~ ~ ~ Otherwise, you have no promise. ~ ~ According to the Bible, when a nation embraces Sodom and Egypt, God destroys it. ~ ~ And then it no longer exists. ~ ~ Don't listen to people like Beyounce or Lady Gaga. ~ ~ Let me take care of them. ~ ~ You take care of America. ~ ~

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