Wednesday, February 17, 2016


No! In fact it is not safe. And the women know it; especially the white women. ~ ~ Therefore, Taylor Swift's support for the one mighty and strong in a B&M gold plates number from D&C 85, at: ~ ~ Which is why the director of the prophetic Donald Trump allegory entitled MIDNIGHT COWBOY was also the director of MARATHON MAN. ~ ~ Wherein the latter 1976 movie, the look alike German Jew hater is harassed by the look alike Brooklyn Jew self-hater in the opening sequence. ~ ~
Then in the closing sequence, the look alike Jew from the jewelry shop starts harassing the look alike German Jew outside SIMPSONS diamonds pawn shop. So he gets his throat cut and his head dumped into a garbage can [bomb] for being so stupid. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TWO WITNESSES NOTES: Those two witnesses guys get killed in MARATHON MAN, but quickly come back and reappear from out of nowhere.  ~ ~ As if their two deaths were some kind of a planned fake-out type set up. ~ ~ NAZI NOTES: The way I see it. Probably about 40% of the anti capitalist pro worker party Nazis were Jews.  ~ ~ Don't have a cow now. ~ ~ I would concede to you that most of the reformed marxist third-way minority party leadership was at least half Jew. And the other half were a bunch of full on naive white square pants majority party Josephites.  ~ ~ JOSEPH MACARTHY NOTES: The same Jews from Brooklyn, NY who are still lying to us about Obama's fake birth certificate are the same ones who are still lying to us about that heavy anti communist AM talk radio days Scotch whisky drinker Senator McCarthy; going back to the [CRY BABY] 1950s. ~ ~"Any questions?" Professor Abe Lucas, IRRATIONAL MAN. ~ ~PS SCARLETT JOHANSSON:  We two have at least eleven years to produce and release any kind of a BACK TO THE FUTURE meets LAST TANGO IN PARIS movie that you want me and you to star in.  ~ ~

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