Saturday, February 20, 2016


At the end of the SMOKIN' ACES prophecy, that takes place on Lake Tahoe, Nevada, Donald Trump finally realizes that one can not make a [deal-with-the-devil] deal with the new and improved and modernized 666 beast in REV.13. ~ ~ Notwithstanding their flaky corn serial promises to reform themselves [read compromise] themselves if you are willing to do the same thing. ~ ~ For example, Sacha Baron is pretending to do the same thing at: . ~ ~ Only difference is, he knows what he is doing. ~ ~ Since most Jews tend to be a bit more racially aware of things than your average white dude; like a Glenn Beck or a Clyde Lewis. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM NOTES:  God gave us Larry David in order that today's really successful half Jews, like Donald Trump and Bill Gates, might remember to keep it real. ~ ~ PS MARTHA STEWART: Last night Michael said that you could hook up with Donald Trump and pretend to be his plural marriage wife, for publicity purposes. ~ ~ Hey, whatever it takes to get the horny Jew vote. And thereby raise the stakes in such President Elvis prophesies as VIVA LAS VEGAS meets BLUE HAWAII meets AUSTIN POWERS:3; not to mention IT HAPPENED AT THE WORLD'S FAIR, at: ~ ~ PS CAREY MULLIGAN: The above movie made in 1964 Seattle was the [Ginger Blake] inspiration behind Hugh Grant making two babies with that underaged 19ish Asian restaurant waitress. ~ ~ CULT CINEMA NOTES: This 1970 thing was about me getting my official Italian LDS missionary calling papers during the Christmas hollidays season in 1970, at: ~ ~

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