Tuesday, February 2, 2016


"He'll bleed out..." says the real estate guy with total confidence, as the five white party dudes keep the black man trapped inside of the blood splattered bathroom in VERY BAD THINGS. ~ ~ Knowing full well that Trump's devastating advertising campaign for President of American will run live and non stop for days; without anyone else's commercial political [ambition] distractions, on all of America's primetime network news programs. ~ ~ Gonna have to go with my guts on this one. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BING CHERRY NOTES: The corn fed white people's caucus results in the CORN FLAKES state were a classic depiction of how apostate Christians love to cherrypick their favorite lines and verses in the Bible and the US Constitution; while ignoring the Old Testament era BOOK OF MORMON etc. ~ ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: You probably lost a few points with the conservatives in Iowa when you hinted at the very last minute that you still believe in national socialist socialized medicine; just like Bernie and Hillary. ~ ~ Sorry, but you cannot have your cake and eat it too; been there, done that. ~ ~ You probably still would have lost the surprise CORN FLAKES serial box prize in pinko Iowa anyway. But it would have been a much closer affair from a philosophical point of view. ~ ~ In my own private biopic movie titled ZERO EFFECT, I tell my billionaire client in Portland, Oregon that "Passion is the enemy of precision." Who still has some unresolved political issues from his special Democrat Reagan [Howard Stern meets Kit Winn meets Glenn Beck] period to sort out.

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