Wednesday, February 3, 2016


By now the better half of the Jews know that ROSEMARY'S BABY was a New York City prophecy about Bernie Sanders getting married to the age appropriate Hillary Clinton and having a saragate sex baby by way of some young beautiful blond Christian Catholic church mother. ~ ~ Whatever, don't be too shocked when you see Mia Farrow's very white and clean looking virginal son interviewing America's hottest new it couple, for some new never-heard-of political blog, at the top of the Democrat Party ticket in New Hampshire. ~ ~ Let the new 2016 SNL skits begin. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ OFFICIAL RELEASE FORM NOTES: I hereby release the writers, directors, actors, and producers at NBC's weekly program known as 'SNL' from any legal liabilities, or responsibilities, either direct or indirect; by the Infinite Grace of Jesus. ~ ~ From either intentionally or unintentionally using any scripted material herein that is the same, or similar, to the above concepts, ideas, or precepts; whether in whole or in part. ~ ~ [As if I needed the money anyway.] ~ ~ WHITE HORSE PROPHECY NOTES: Some black dude who plays for Barack Obama's queer-as-orange jersey DENVER BRONCOS just got busted for entertaining that same hot $500 Asian whore in the VERY BAD THINGS prophecy about Donald Trump becomig the President of America in REV.2016 meets REV.2017. ~ ~ "Once you go Asian, you never go back." [CHARLIE'S ANGELS: meets KILL BILL:3] ~ ~ PRODUCTION NOTES: Don't expect me and the boys to put up any big time 6-figure money for CHARLIE'S ANGELS:3&4 if Charlie Sheen does not get to play the part that Bill Murray played in the first two. ~ ~

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