Wednesday, February 10, 2016


"This is it." says the tall negro woman to yours truly in IRRATIONAL MAN; who is supposed to represent the president of Rhode Island's elite political class yatch club in crowd at BROWN UNIVERSITY. ~ ~ The way I figure it. It is going to take at least five more years for Emma Watson to get over the African mask brain drumming that she got there by all of those voodoo lesbians, Jews, and niggers who have now over run the place. ~ ~ Ergo, that new '19 years later' HARRY POTTER book that is coming out. ~ ~ And please, don't read the god damn thing on the internet. Get off your lazy Bernie Sanders millennial ass and go down to your local Jewish owned book shop and by a real copy of it. ~ ~ Don't worry, the world is not running out of paper made out of trees. ~ ~ That is like Al Gore saying that the world is running out of oil, circa 1996. ~ ~ GSR/YWN ~ ~ PS JIM CARREY: I know. I just let out the above title of my special project screenplay that I have in mind for you. Hey, why not? Considering the craptastic shit that your agents, managers, tax consultants, and so-called friends are sending your way these days. ~ ~ PS PALTROW: It has already cost you about $500,000 in protracted legal fees to work out what should be your typical concubine separation situation. Jesus Christ, just Jew it and get it done with. ~ ~ Don't make the same costly mistakes that Bruce Willis and Demi Moore made back in the day. ~ ~ PS JENNIFER ANISTON: It is going to cost you about $500,000 too; in order to work out your current complicated separation from your surreal actor husband. ~ ~ And the beat goes on... ~ ~ TARZAN NOTES: My newer less initiated readers might want to watch some of those prophetic Tarzan movies that came out during the period of the first 666 beast in REV.11-13. Wherein the wild herd of trumpeting elephants lead by Donald Trump always represented the end of the sweaty white safari hunters from London, England. ~ ~ JEW READER NOTES: The two atomic bombs that put a sudden end to the first beast are the same two things that will put an end to the new beast. Even the same one who was miraculously reborn again by FDR and his Jewish White House henchmen. ~ ~ BIG TUNA TEXAS NOTES: In my special screenplay that was written for Jim Carrey, he plays both of the roles that were played by Nicolas Cage and Willem Dafoe, at: ~ ~ Like I always say, never throw good money after bad money.

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