Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The desecrated temple of God in the day 1290 prophecy in DANIEL 12 is the new North African America in the CASABLANCA gin joint prophecy. [Reagan enjoyed a double tall gin and tonic every day at 5:00 pm in his 1980s big hair White House era.] And yes, we will always have my own private prophecy called LAST TANGO IN PARIS. ~ Because in Rush Brand's 2010 Greek president movie, his disastrous new single called AFRICAN CHILD was about the illegal alien born again man child in the White House in DC who was actually born in Africa. And therefore, his pathetic last song would become "...the most damaging thing..." that had ever happened to the Negro race. After it becomes so painfully obvious that Martin Luther King Jr was the biggest fraud that was ever perpetrated upon America; next to Barack Obama, and the new and improved Mormon church; that is now being lead by a rather tall pair of German European socialists. ~ In the movie, Mr Brand plays a JESUS CHRIST SUPER STAR three-way swinger figure. Who was originally inspired to be Katy Perry's own private FFing missionary position man, Hawaii style, foreplayed by Jackie. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CRAZY JEW NOTES: On the same day of that crazy 8 earthquake in the Solomon Islands, an old Jew friend called princess Diana and left a message for me to call him in the Mission Beach, San Diego area at, ___ ___ 8888, or email him from his web site at ___ . ~ All the states who are going to secede from the apostate United States, now occupied by the Jews, will need to mint their own hard currency, like at: ~ This is the only way that you are going to get rid of your illegal federal debt obligations; your unconstitutional obligations to Social Security; Medicare; the 1964 meets 1984 Civil Rights Act; hate speech against Jews, queers, and niggers, and so on.

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