Thursday, February 21, 2013


On the eve of Ellen Page's twin double-trouble 2.21 birthday, her own private Hwy.89 went off the roadside cliffs near Page, Arizona. I always knew that there was a Providential reason why her HARD CANDY hangman prophecy about the Jewish fiddlers on the roof always made me so hard that I can't even think. ~ I'm sorry, but fucking a boyish teenage hottie, who is almost 16 going on almost 26, is just too insane to turn down, at: ~ Besides, recently Jesus made a "...nice marbling..." comment about the nearby Marble Canyon there, in regards to me T-boning Ellen and her sister Rachel at the same time. In confirmation of the traditional beefsteak Florentine having two steaks on the t-bone cut. ~ Anyways, last night, I had a visionary dream about Sean Penn, Michael J Fox, and Adriana Lima, getting attacked by Islamic gunmen at some metaphorical sports event at the STAPLES CENTER on Rt.111. ~ But everybody survived it, oddly enough. Even though Penn had lost his right eye, and Fox got a broken neck, and Adriana was able to escape unscathed, even though she was actually sitting on the front seats, closest to the crazy attackers. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ODD BALL NOTES: In my dream, Michael J Fox appeared to be healed afterwards from his spineless nervous condition after he got all shot up, and there was blood all over him. ~ BLOODSUCKING JEW VAMPIRE NOTES: In the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim WEDDING CRASHERS prophecy, the future Barack Obama abomination is joked about as being 'Count Chocula' who needs to grow up and start acting like a real white man. ~ Because now America has finally arrived at "The big show" when everybody is playing for keeps. ~ If you love French cheeses with sharp red wines as much as I do, bookmark this link at: ~ Sadly, the only decent red wines in France these days costs at least 50 bucks a bottle; anything cheaper than that tastes like car battery acid. ~ For some reason, it didn't used to be that way, before WWII happened.

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