Wednesday, February 13, 2013


That is my old Jewish friend in 1969's MIDNIGHT COWBOY prophecy. Who takes my picture at the STARBUCKS coffee shop in Manhattan; and is now a professional psychedelic free love wedding photographer, and wedding music producer, living somewhere down in the San Diego area. Because when I first met him at a JC PENNY pitch joint during Christmas season, 1979, he was driving a classic 60s Baracak Obama LINCOLN assassination sedan, bearing IMDONE4U plates, like the one in Cronenberg's Tonto, Canada CRASH prophecy. [Not to be confused with that stupid liberal girl CRASH title rip-off by Sandra Bullock.] ~ You play me, I play you, times two. ~ Of course, the MIDNIGHT COWBOY prophecy comes to an end just north of Jewish Miami, Florida; where that Ephraimite witness of God in REV.11 is slowly but surly assassinating the abomination of desolation in Riverside, California, day after day, week after week. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: My smaller black dog sidekick named Banana Joe just won the royal sire jackpot, per that black dog who was so loved by George Bush Jr. during his Greek White House temple years in DC, As per: ~ A dog is a dog by any other name. ~ Vince Vaughn is role playing the now divorced Steven Fresh on a very basic level in my own private Massachusetts WEDDING CRASHERS prophecy. [My old Jewish friend from San Diego sent me out there to sell flowers at Rt.9's [WILLIS TOWER] SEARS store in the Natick Mall during Christmas, 1979. When I fell in love with Donatella Greco, forever and ever. Even though at the time, she was mercifully FFing some Italian Hair dresser stud figure over in Worcester [steak sauce]. So that much later, I would finally come to understand that yours truly is actually her own private heroic protagonist in the SHAMPOO prophecy. ~ In MIDNIGHT COWBOY, yours truly keeps hearing the haunting voice of his former forever and ever lover who says, "You're the only one." JC PENNY was founded by a Jewish Jesus Christ guy in Wyoming who did not know that he was Jewish, per : ~ Hence, the American one cent penny has the Jewish face of father Abraham Lincoln, Illinois on it. Who that nigger Christ Rock believes is now our Father, even the new Jesus Christ deception who has deceived the new and improved Republican Party's Jewish neo cons.

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