Sunday, February 3, 2013


Some 55ish darkie showed up at the prophetic changing of the royal palace guards in London brandishing those two big gourmet kitchen knives of Judah and Ephraim on 5.9 in my latest, "...cut you down." posting. [Think New Orleans's best 14 year-old chefs in action, etc.] So they stun-gunned him; in confirmation of the breaking news from occupied South Lebanon that the latest Israeli air strikes on them was only a stun-gun grenade going off accidentally. ~ Always remember that liars never last. ~ GSR/TWN~ TO BE CONTINUED SERIAL NOTES: ~ Powerful 6+ earthquakes are rocking the Jewish Solomon Islands of the lost tribes of Israel; next door to the Prince George sex cult islands of Vanuatu. ~ That Jewish actor from Brazil in VIEW TO A KILL, who looks like the late Ed Cock government figure at the Gay Area's city hall, was shot dead with 007's own private German made 9mm. Compare: ~ AND:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_420/image.jpg ~ After I saw that old FDR era beak-nose cock-sucker Jew on the front page of the NYT at STARBUCKS, [Komoto Dragon Blend cup in hand,] and also that nice yellow diamond pendant by TIFFANY, a man appeared wearing a 'YELLA BEAK SALOON' T-shirt, from: The Davidian motorcycle rider joint's barn house look being an immediate confirmation of the death of George Bush's beloved black dog named 'Barney'.

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