Sunday, February 17, 2013


Tiger Woods is a halfbreed Asian Negro whose miraculous name was bestowed upon him by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Hence, his secret rounds of golf on the down low with the day 1290 abomination of desolation from Asia, via Africa, with a quick stop in Hawaii just to pick up his perfectly legal born again birth certificate. [Tiger was first introduced as a childish golfer, who likes to cheat, by a naive white Bob Hope on the same stage of today's shady Davidian Letterman show.] ~ If you do not believe me, then you might as well just start using the Bible, that you love so much, for toilet paper reading. And all of you polite society D&C 86 type Mormons can do the same thing with your re-written and new and improved Book of Mormons. ~ Because when the LDS church is suddenly cleaned off like a dirty plate, with one quick swipe, just like that nigger dish washer does in HASTY TASTY meets MIDNIGHT COWBOY, no current Mormon leader will ever be allowed again to be in any leadership position in the church. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CLIFF NOTES FOR FRESHMAN: Those jewelry thieves hit the fancy FOUR SEASONS in midtown on the very same day I watched the 2009 ten virgins prophecy update called BRIDE WARS. ~ On another level; the above SNATCH job was confirmation of the MIDNIGHT COWBOY king from Texas looking at that bejeweled vagina icon ring that gets snatched right in front of his eyes. [He is a walker who works outside, via free Cuba, Miami underground radio, for the fresh air loving lizard in THE FRESHMAN, and all that jazz. In other words, today's two witnesses radio is the new underground resistance radio of the FDR 30s and 40s era in Eastern Europe, etc.] ~ Is there any Mormon out there who can name just one leader of the LDS church who ever talks about the latter-day secret combinations in the Book of Mormon? Many of whom come from today's mob invested Chicago and Hope, Arkansas.

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