Monday, February 18, 2013


When the dark skinned Gentiles repent and confess unto Jesus that the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11 are in fact, Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern, they will begin to see that their skin is gradually becoming whiter and whiter; as they go through the blood cleansing process cited at ~ That is if you want to start looking like Brad Pitt does in his curious movie about a guy who grows younger and younger over the years. ~ Better lose that 666 chip on your shoulder. ~ Because that big long black 1990 SEDAN DE VILLE in THE FRESHMAN prophecy represents a typical official government vehicle, like the presidential limo that drives around my sidekick native of Indonesia in the above movie. ~ When it arrives at Larry London's barn full of beasts, and is greeted by an Asian homosexual figure who represents Barack Obama with a sense of humor. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CLIFF NOTES: That quake sign near Obama's Clifton, Colorado happened near the Walker Airport. ~ Here is a look at that CADILLAC RANCH, Texas homo look alike confirmation of that younger looking homo from Chicago in the MIDNIGHT COWBOY prophecy, at: ~ For a second witness that is always required by the Bible. In order to establish the truth of all things. That old faggot who owned all those tall Jewish style wild jungle monkey nigger homos on the down low on his LA manite LAKERS team, also died on Presidents Day weekend, per: ~ In a second confirmation of the new Liberace look alike movie co-starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, coming out of the closet at a theater near you, soon. ~ The former foreign student freshman from Harvard, New England, is confirmed in THE FRESHMAN prophecy when an Indonesian tiger walks by the film's black presidential limo, and then the foreigner Barack Obama immediately goes down to Rush Limbaugh's Miami, Cuba area to play golf with Tiger Woods. ~ [When Ornella Fresh mentions yours truly, we see the evergreen tree woods of the pacific northwest in the background of the prophetic movie's royal PLAYBOY mansion in Queens, NYC.]

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