Saturday, February 9, 2013


You are going to have to do some serious digging if you ever want to discover the Providential meaning of my Dirk Diggler protagonist in the BOOGIE NIGHTS prophecy, circa 1981. Believe me U, I fully understand that yours truly is not for everybody. ~ Hence, only hours before my old crazy-8 Jew buddy called princess Diana, and left his crazy-8 phone number on the same day of the crazy-8 earthquake in the Jewish Solomon Islands of the lost tribes of Israel, [And I use all the above words quite advisedly.] I saw the WEDDING CRASHERS DVD reference at WAL*MART to my old friend who is now a wedding music producer. ~ In the 2005 prophecy, those two con men of Judah and Ephraim dicks show up at all those lavish phony boloney inauguration wedding parties for Obama in Washington, DC; because the two charming fakers and takers belong there more than anyone else does. ~ As confirmed by my 3-way sex cult guru in the SNL movie from above who still lives with his old meatloaf mother. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ORGASMIC NOTES: Here is that 69 earthquake confirmation about my protagonist who loves to eat Jewish princess snatch in SNATCH, at; ~ 9/16 being the day 1260 time-line in REV.11 for Howard Stern et al. ~ This report is about those crazy-8 LA manites who died in that Love Bus crash that was returning to San Diego meets crazy Tijewana, Mexico, after a visit to Big Bear. Where they found my lesbian hating nigger hero's burned out TITAN pickup. ~ I grabbed the WEDDING CRASHERS prophecy about the year 2013 after I looked on the back side of it's DVD case and saw, "8 1/2 MORE MINUTES!" ~ That 19666s magic bus tour bus from San Diego meets Mexico, that crashed near Arrowhead Mountain, was operated by a company called "Magical Escapes" speaking in Americano. ~ Here is a good look at O'wen Wilson's Jewish penis beak-nose in the above con job movie, at: ~ Be sure not to miss Bruce Willis' new WILLIS TOWER, Chicago movie, entitled, A GOOD DAY TO DIE WITH A HARD ON.

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