Monday, February 11, 2013


The 2013 WEDDING CRASHERS prophecy opens with J-bone and John mediating the upcoming REV.16 breakup of the marriage between the states in Washington, DC. Wherein the former look alike porn star Tracy Lords is getting divorced from her husband, who looks like both of the country music husbands of Nicole and Renee; since the phony macho redneck was seeing that Barack Obama whore out in Colorado. Long before anyone out there ever heard about the abomination of desolation who was born in Africa, and then born again in Hawaii; where Nicole was also born, and then quickly moved back to some foreign country. ~ Hence, we see that dick head nigger with an amazing penis shaped skull in the movie, right before the Secretary cracks a joke about some Moby Dick figure who would soon become the President of today's shady neo con Jews. ~ And even that crazy Jewish actress, from London, Canada in the scene, jokes, "So you're hiding I see..." Even though everybody and his black dog can see what Obama is trying to hide. ~ While the secretary and John are also sucking on their brown cock-sucker nigger cigars. ~ And my protagonist from Dallas, Texas says, "Fun's over." ~ And then my crazy-8 Jewish wife agrees with him, by saying, "They're all full of shit." ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: The German Pope no.16 just resigned in confirmation of the coming resignation of those German European socialists who are now desecrating the day 1290 temple in SLC, Utah. ~ In the above mediated REV.16 divorce prophecy, when we see John McCain and James Carvel, "the knife carver" we see that Fat Tuesday New Orleans style nigger to be in the background. ~ Wedding season actually begins in May, and runs through June for three weeks or so. [Think Nicole's prophetic June 25th cliff wedding.] ~ Hard to believe, I know, but that really is Miley Cyrus in that big southern gal hat at Tom Brady's wedding on 19:31 on my crazy '8 1/2 MORE MINUTES' disk. ~ Apostate America's new Greek homosexual president, who officially speaks for the likes of Michael Medved, Mark Levin, and such apostate Catholic Mormons like Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck, will be addressing the new Sodom and Egypt in REV.11 on Fat Tuesday. ~ Happy 44th Ms Aniston. ["They grow up so fast!" James Carville.] ~ My surprise birthday card for you is this new pic of my crazy-8s wife Madonna; taken in that underwater bar for skinny dipping 29 year-olds at the Playboy Tudor mansion, at: ~ PS MICHAEL: I really do need you to get to work on your independently financed DR EVIL 4 feature length video project; co-starring number 4 and yours truly. Hey, have you even thought about David Lynch directing? God knows that he knows how to make a great looking movie on the cheap with a SONY camera; that only costs around 8 big ones, tops. Plus, you would get to cast absolutely any A-list actress in Hollywood that your heart desires. And you would get to fuck both of them at the same time in your production trailer too; just for shits and giggles. Stop being such a tight ass with you surplus millions money, and start having some fun, for God's sake. You only live twice after all.

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