Saturday, February 2, 2013


Throughout the centuries of superior white Christian spaghetti western enlightenment, the black dog has always been a satanic symbol of death in literature and operatic theater. ~ Therefore, the Bush's family announced the death of their black scottie dog on the same day that that Jewish homosexual on the down low died. [Pronounced like cock, as in cock sucker.] ~ Right as the news was rolling out about that white Christian apostate who was gunned down in Kaufman County, USA. ~ If you think that you are the king of the cowboys, then the real King of the Cowboys will cut you down in cold blood. ~ Because just to the southeast of Kaufman County's court house on Washington Street, is the Kings Creek Watershed No.61 landmark of God that represents the south side temple waters of life in EZE.47:1, Texas. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 10% NOTES: In my KING OF NEW YORK prophecy, everybody who is anybody pays me my tax-free ten percent cut. What I do with the 9B is my business. I have my expenses. ~ That new 6.9 earthquake in the Yellow Sea regions of AP:3, circa 2013, looks like some kind of a SUPER DOME meets Israel's Iron Dome day 1290 thing to me, co-starring Byounce to the ounce. ~ Here is that wedding cake that gets destroyed in 1985's A VIEW TO A KILL, co-starring Christopher Walken, at: ~ "I hate you!" says Scottie in AP: 1,2,3. ~ Notice how my fellow 666 prisoner starts to shriek like crazy in KING OF NEW YORK, when he sees that yours truly is about to take over the NEW YORK TIMES and NBC. ~ [After those three woes bang hard and loud on my prison cell bars.] ~ When I get out of my own private South Sound prison complex in KING OF NEW YORK, there are at least a dozen white vagina icon lilies waiting for me in my temporary offices at THE PLAZA.

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