Saturday, February 23, 2013


Last night, I was given a visionary dream about the restoration of the concubine laws of Israel, as revealed at ~ Wherein Donatella Greco role played her look alike forerunner Gisele Bundchen, in IT STARTED IN NAPLES, circa 1959 meets 1979; when my French "wife" left me. ~ In the allegorical dream, God informed me that one should always respect the concubine sire of one of your future wives. As if he was actually her legit husband. Like at; ~ In other words, just because you know that Gisele is destined to be your future wife, that is no excuse to act like a cad. ~ That said, that is yours truly in the family photo album seen at the end of THE BOY FROM BRAZIL prophecy. When we see his royal sire boner icon [Branch of David] sticking out of one of those two Evergreen Drive trees at the masonite brick farm house. ~ And then we see the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim finally laying down on the street together, side by side, at 1:57:57 on my used DVD copy. ~ Where yours truly gives all those 'CUT! and 'ACTION' filmmaker commands unto the black attack dogs of the fascistic Jews who run Hollywood. ~ GSR/TWN ~ LIZARD KING NOTES: The beast figure in THE FRESHMAN prophecy promises me that he is going to kick down some doors in Hollywood, after Israel comes to a violent end. ~ The upcoming phony baloney fiscal cliff deadline is set to happen on the 3.01 anniversary of that TRUE GRIT press conference in Arizona about Obama's phony baloney birth certificate.

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