Monday, February 4, 2013


The 34 minutes of darkness at SUPER BOWL 47 was about my dark skin sidekick Lamanite in the No.34 Book of Mormon prophecy named Tonto; played by Chicago's native son Johnny Depp. ~ Hence the 34-31 [JER.31] score at the end of the day 1290 Mississippi River drought. ~ Ergo, Israel is about to get ravished by a hord of dark skin savages. ~ Because it was them who put that illegal alien darkie in the new Casablanca, two times, who is now making the new illegal alien legislation for America by fiat. ~ [The black RAVENS' NFL team logo from the DC area is a traditional Boris Karlofv horror movie symbol of death, and all that.] ~ Wasn't Allen Poe from the same area? ~ Anyway, the LA manites in the number 34 Book of Mormon were cursed with a black skin because the whities were just too weak to kill them, and their wives and children too. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FIVE VIRGINS NOTES: Back on 2.1 at 8:41 pm, God said "FIVE!" Per the KING OF NEW YORK's new 5M lawsuit against that pale face, forked-tongued, shady Jew, at: ~ Charity fundraisers is a running theme in 1990's KING OF NEW YORK prophecy. ~ Now that that 5 year-old virgin has been rescued from his hole of 666 captivity outside of EZE.47's 326' Dothan, Alabama, I'm going to put Keira Knightley's THE HOLE prophecy into my own private winter fest film festival line up, ASAP, at: ~ AND: ~ THE HOLE film was based upon a book called, AFTER THE HOLE. ~ My impression is that a 16 year-old Keira Knightley lost her virginity while filming THE HOLE; or shortly thereafter. ~ Here is a Divine [little cotton wood pussy] confirmation of a 56ish 007 getting rescued in the icy winter season opening sequence to A VIEW TO A KILL, at: ~ The views around SNOWBIRD, Utah are just unbelievable.

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