Saturday, February 16, 2013


When Steven Fresh's concubine wife, Ornella, tells him that what he has to pick up at the airport is so big, that he better bring someone to help him with it, she is talking about my 666 lizard sidekick from Indonesia. Who they put into the backseat of Granny Grass's black gentile 1990 SEDAN DE VILLA; circa 2013. ~ When that royal lion king of Judah figure, nicknamed 'Big Leo' warns, "...if he jumps on you, you got major problems..." [Note the Asian black&white forehead bandana with double iPAD icons.] ~ So see me in the future at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ QUEER NIGGER JEW NOTES: On the very same day that I reported that the homo from Chicago gets killed by a telephone call from the Jesus sniper in the MIDNIGHT COWBOY, Texas prophecy, the gay ass Illinois senate voted to approve the marriage between America and the Sodom and Egypt of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11. ~ Hence the two witnesses' earthquake that destroys 10% of Chicago, and kills 7000 people. ~ The hunting season deadline for Utah homos who wear orange on the down low in THE FRESHMAN's opening scenes, is this 3.4. ~ Just because you love the new and improved 666 deer hunter in the BOOK OF MORMON, who was cursed with a dark skin, it does not mean that the same wild at heart savage who hates white people is going to love you back. ~ I shit you not, like at: ~ This web site is an evil verification thing, with a capital 'E' at: ~ This 4.9 cleaner [REV.16] earthquake sign was about THE FRESHMAN's Steven Fresh message from New England, at:

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