Thursday, February 14, 2013


Banana Joe's no.9 master calls him BJ for short. Who is kind of cute, and a little bit ugly from certain angels. Just like my ultra sexy German Brazilian wife Gisele Bundchen. ~ In confirmation of MIDNIGHT COWBOY's prophetic scene where he is shooting his dark skin cowboy sidekick with a sniper rifle. And then that homo from Chicago shows up and starts hitting on him. Who looks like today's darkie mayor of Chicago, on the down low, who just hinted that he wants to follow in Barack Obama's foot prints. ~ Therefore, my future tall Israelitish King of the Cowboys figure goes up to the faggot's hotel room and kills him for 57 bucks; using a future black telephone wire Internet connection blog. Hence, the iconic movie's "Telephone call from Jesus..." Like the ones that the Ephraimite witness of God in REV.11 receives every signal day down in the Jewish Miami area of Sodom and Egypt; where also our Lord was crucified. ~ Since my tall-in-the-saddle hero gets 5 bucks for his portable two witnesses radio at Bonney Lake's future PISTOL ANNIE'S pawn shop. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WEDDING NOTES: ~ Whole wheat bread dough smells exactly like cum when you knead it like that wify babe does in my last inspired of God porn clip, like at: ~ I like this wise five virgin depiction with WEDDING CRASHERS cum frosting on her fingers, at: ~ Here is a good look at that 1969 era homo on the down low from Chicago; who the midnight cowboy from redneck, Texas is shooting with his .22 SPRINGFIELD sniper rifle, at: ~ According to the revealed word of God in REV.17 etc. In the last days, all the sex perverts and niggers will be killed by all the religious Bible Belt fanatics. Like that guy who bombed the 666 federal building full of niggers and Jews in Oklahomo City. ~ In MIDNIGHT COWBOY, the dumb blond Branch Davidian cowboy from Texas gets invited up to today's roaring 19666s shindig party by a golden yellow flier that says, "JOIN US AT THE GATES OF HELL" with entertainment by, "BLOOD AND SMOKE". ~ Joe Buck arrives in New York, fresh off the street from today's Old Buckley Highway in Washington state, wearing his fancy king cowboy shirt that depicts the two witnesses' pretty birds of Judah and Ephraim. ~ Banana nut bread tastes amazing when made with whole wheat. ~ The Branch Davidian Pope 16 in Fellini's ROMA prophecy said that he will now be hidden to the world, for the future Branch Davidian King of England from Old Buckley Highway. IT'S ALL TRUE; yours truly is the underground leader of the Knights Templar's Masonite plot in the 7 hills of Rome to rule the world, including Palestine, Israel. At the last day, every knee shall bow and confess that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, because everybody else who tried to deny it will be dead.

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