Wednesday, February 20, 2013


JJ Jr. pleaded guilty of being part of the underground secret combinations in SEARS Chicago on the same day that the news was rolling out about the gas explosion at JJ's restaurant in Kansas City, Zion. Where that apostate Mormon leader, named Gordon B Hinckley, once made sure that Rush Limbaugh was fired from his local BONNEVILLE CORP radio station gig. And then the future Ephraimite witness of God in REV.11 joined the PR department at the KANSAS CITY ROYALS. ~ And then the late RLDS church leader died some years later up in SLC, Utah; when he was looking like he was around 120 years-old. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HALF JEW NOTES: I need this DVD collection, that includes; A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN. Otherwise, the deceived low-information people are just going to mistake me for some kind of an Aryan Nation anti-Semite; available at: ~ That stolen Mona Lisa painting above the symbolic fireplace in THE FRESHMAN prophecy establishes the 1990 movie as a DaVinci Code allegory about the Branch Davidian in D&C 85, ISAIAH 11:1, and 2BC 91. ~ You can read up on my modest DVD request at: ~ Just put it in a fake return address parcel and mail it to: Gregory Relf, P.O. box 8161, Bonnie Lake, WA 98391. ~ After you start seeing millions of Jews dying in Israel of course. And millions more fleeing for their lives to Brooklyn, NY etc. And while you are at it, I would also like to get a copy of that fiddler on the roof movie update called A SERIOUS MAN, at:

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