Tuesday, February 12, 2013


California Wildlife officials discovered that wild at heart LL COOL J look alike lesbian killer up in the Big Bear area on the same day that America's wild at heart Negro spoke on behalf of all those apostate conservatives out there; like Michael Medved, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, etc etc. ~ Therefore, the sooner that my Tonto darkie sidekick can destroy the whore who rides the new and improved 666 beast, the better. ~ After all, Marxist fascism is all about making marxist socialism more streamlined and efficient. ~ Why try to own and operate the means of production, like some arrogant and controlling know-nothing Jewish intellectual, when you can just control it and skim the shit out of it? ~ No wonder that my sidekick nigger has had such an easy time fucking over today's naive apostate Christians and reformed neo con Jews. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES: Here is a good look at that Barack Obama backer who is now hiding out in a barn-garage near Arrowhead Mtn. In confirmation of the death of George Bush Jr's beloved black dog named Barney. ~ In the Greek WEDDING CRASHERS prophecy, circa 2013, when the dog dies, all my bitches get real horny. Hey man, I'm just living the dream. ~ PERSONAL NOTE: On a certain day back in November, at 9:09 PM, the Lord said "Chad!" The double two witnesses number of '9' being symbolic in scripture of all things that come to an end. ~ Compare this image of LL COOL J, the 55th GRAMMYS host in LA, with that 666 cop killer at: http://media.npr.org/assets/img/2012/08/23/ll-cool-j_sq-ad8a68251f21a82c02dec641aad124d6b4de1ca0-s6-c10.jpg ~ NEW READ?ERS: That dream I had about a hardy slice of whole wheat bread was about the 2bc.info revelation regarding a whole wheat diet being necessary in order to have healthy sperm. In order that you don't make defective babies who are autistic, and bipolar, etc. ~ My southern Italian Lady Gaga whore-wife shortie from NY suddenly fell down; in the same way that my sidekick is going to suddenly drop like a rock. Think Robert De Niro meets Dustin Hoffman, in MIDNIGHT COWBOY meets Scarlett Johansson meets Reese Witherspoon; meets the new transsexual Mini Me in AP 4.

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