Friday, February 1, 2013


That MAD MAX bomber in Turkey represented Mel Gibson giving Jodie Foster the big turkey baster job that she always wanted in her heart of hearts. The one in my KING OF NEW YORK prophecy when I finish my shower at THE PLAZA, and then we see that GOLDMEMBER icon on ice next to a sired children's lamp vase; posed next to those two thin glasses that I love to fuck no matter what. ~ Which I recently saw in a flash vision at 11:22, for the date when JFK got his brains fucked by Jesus in today's Jewish Kaufman County, Texas, for Scarlett Johansson's future born again birther birth date time-line. ~ If you love reborn fascism as much as the Jews love reborn fascism, then I AM is your man. ~ The same one who is wearing those cheap $9 dollar glasses frames that I got at WAL+MART for when Jesus' great grandson gets out of prison in Bonnie Lake in 2013. ~ So don't miss Miley dancing with her white nigger lover in the above 1990 prophecy at 104:30 minutes into my special DVD, wearing yesterday's black leather jacket revelation. ~ Ergo, The PLAZA HOTEL's bath towels back then had that double back-to-back PP 3-way pussy icon on them. ~ Regarding the movie's opening sequence shot of that VW beetle Love Bug that I was driving in my dream when I rammed it into 1st gear, and then Jesus said, "HERE COMES MILEY!!" [Right as the Car-roll Rams-ey credit appears on screen.] ~ GSR/TWN ~ REVELATIONS: The screenplay for KING OF NEW YORK, 2013, was written by a Mr. St John, the revelator. The inspired Italian director of KING OF NEW YORK was so desparate for money back in 1976, that he directed a porn film called, NINE LIVES OF A WET PUSSY.

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