Friday, February 8, 2013


Sunday's GRAMMYS will be a traditional satanic black dog thing at the Rt.111 STAPLES CENTER. ~ Where everything these days in pop music is about niggers, and white wanna be niggers. Many of whom are Jewish homosexuals and drug addicts. ~ And yes, I support the legalization of marijuana. And if you start selling that shit at one of my neighborhood's local convenience stores, I will have one of my niggers burn the joint down in the middle of the night. ~ At this point in time, who believes in a 666 legal system that let's a well known illegal alien homosexual murderer from south Chicago sit in the White House? ~ GSR/TWN ~ OOPS: I just noticed that this new posting has been time-stamped with the March 25 date reference about when the new, and much more cooler, 666 beast appeared unto the Jewish witness of God in REV.11; and made a deal with him. [Read Howard Stern's prophetic PRIVATE PARTS meets MISS AMERICA books about the private life of my sidekick Barack Obama.] ~ The cool thing about my big fat nigger who wants to kill all those white lesbians at the LAPD, is that he swung back into action right after Obama appointed that lesbo from Seattle to become America's new official interior decorator.

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