Sunday, February 10, 2013


Fucking-A-man, I'm only half Jewish myself, so I know what I'm talking about. ~ My crazy-8 German Swiss mother being mostly Jewish, and my rather short left-handed father, with brown eyes, from Kent, England, being mostly of the tribe of Ben; per the recorded revelations at ~ I don't make this shit up, I just pass the info from above onto you. ~ Ergo, the Negro race is wild at heart and childish; but also very noble and intelligent, and strong in faith. ~ Not to mention that they know how to make that toe-tapping music in the UNDERCOVER BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET prophecy. ~ You think that the beautiful Denise Richards has always looked a little different? Just wait until you see how she looks ten years from now. ~ The upcoming blood-cleansing vampire wives prophecy known as the 'physical transfiguration' takes about ten years before you start to look like you are in your late thirties again. ~ If you stick to it, you will eventually feel confident enough to go skinny dipping in the Playboy mansion pool with all the rest of the 29 year-olds. Who work out of course; some 29 years-olds should probably not go there. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DREAMY NOTES: Last night at 3:43 am, I dreamed that I saw a slice of hardy whole wheat bread with cum spread on it. ~ Believe it or not, I just re-checked wiki's WEDDING CRASHERS page and it still has Barack Obama's January 21 wedding party date on it. Including that 4:25 time-stamp reference to Renee Zellweggers's fake wedding to her country music lover look a-type; who also married her Oscar Award winning co-star sister Nicole Kidman, at: ~ LL COOL reminds me of that cool Big Bear nigger [lesbian] cop killer. ~ In the WEDDING CRASHERS prophecy about Jesus Obama's second coming party, John asks J-Bone, "What are you going to do for an encore? Walk on water?" ~ At about 22:51 on my WEDDING CRASHERS disk, the bride's groom looks exactly like my Brazilian German wife's fake husband, Tom Brady, named Craig. ~ Later in the prophetic pre-Obama movie, circa 2013, a character brags about Maryland winning their big touch football contest. ~ That huge snow job blizzard hit Brown University on the same day it was reported that Emma Watson will be returning there to complete her degree in Marxist history. ~ Hefner's Tudor mansion is the inspiration behind Sandra Bullocks' new Tudor mansion.

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