Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Rush Limbaugh finally just cut to the chase on Wednesday and said that our problem is the strange people who control the Hollywood news media culture. ~ ~ It's truly amazing how just a few thousand sky rockets in flight can get one's mind right on any given afternoon delight AM radio talk show. ~ ~ Which corresponds prophetically with many of my recent visionary dreams about Israel being overwhelmed by rockets raining down on them from a north by northeastern direction. ~ ~ You got my back, I got your back. NOT! ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TOTALLY INCOHERENT NOTES: The reason why so many of today's single parents who are around the age of Sienna Miller et al are starting to question and contradict the status quo, is because of this thing that the old folks call "The School of Hard Knocks". Which nobody ever talks about on BBC radio in England or NPR radio in America. Not to mention what they are now teaching at Harvard and Yale. Where one can not even say the word 'negro' anymore. ~ ~ Which used to be a very legitimate and respectful word back in the 1950s. When most of the Negro babies were still being born into a family where there were two mommy and daddy parents. Nowadays, it's more like zero percent, statistically speaking. Thanks to Spencer W Kimball in Utah and Jimmy Carter in Georgia. ~ ~ Birds of a feather flock together, etc. etc.

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