Friday, July 18, 2014


Reportedly, Woody Allen is now shooting his next movie onboard some restored classic wooden sailboat in Newport, Rhode Island. ~ ~ Before you start accusing the wood man of liking girls who are too young for him; consider this. Some middle aged guy, named James Lacroix, who was wearing a [sailboat] CAPTAIN AMERICA Tee, walked into the nearby Kennedy Compound this week and sat down and relaxed for a few hours while reading a good book and enjoying a plate of symbolic small tight vagina tortellini pasta made by one of the Kennedy teens there. ~ ~ But eventually they realized that nobody even knew who the man was. And when he happened to mention that he was there waiting to hook up with Katy Perry when she got back home, well.. Plus my STALKER SEX IS THE BEST post was rolling out, so. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ YEAH FUCK WHATEVER NOTES: The last time I ran into my ALASKA Captain fly fishing buddy at STARBUCKS was the day before flight 370 disappeared off of the radar. Then I ran into him again in the kids section at TARGET on the same day that the Russians shot down that 777. Talk about hitting the jackpot. ~ ~ 777 NOTES: The inspired homophobic Russians accidentally shot down that plane load of AIDS experts for a reason; according to western radar reports. ~ ~ Who were heading to some 20th annual AIDS conference in Cate Blanchett's Australia where Bill Clinton would be speaking for a cool $500,000 per hour. ~ ~ The day after the seven mountains beast of the G7 in REV.17 slapped sanctions on the manufacturer of their ground-to-air missiles. This time it's personal. ~ ~ Radar made that 780th fake nude of Jennifer Aniston, and so on. ~ ~ DATED NOTES: The 777 was shot down by the beast in REV.17 on 7.17 because of that Indian medicine wheel omen at 717' elevation that was caused by my Steve Gray figure in THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE. ~ ~ At least that is what Clyde Lewis is now suggesting on his GROUND ZERO radio show. [Jim Carrey wears a GROUND ZERO T-shirt in the original ACE VENTURA PET DETECTIVE, etc.] ~ ~ 66.6% NOTES: I read on wiki that two thirds of the Jews were killed in all of Europe during WW II for a prelude to the two thirds who are about to die in latter-day Israel. Think Israelite America is going to be divided into three parts in REV.16. Once we get rid of Barack Obama et al once and for all. ~ ~ MOVIE GOER NOTES: The back of Steve Gray's van is supposed to depict the magical movie poster for THE AVIATOR, at: ~ ~ Since DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER is also supposed to be about Howard Hughes, there just might be some kind of a Las Vegas style 777 slot machine connection to all this.

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