Monday, July 21, 2014


Steve Gray burns his arm of flesh on Judah's ten virgins birthday for a reason in THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE prophecy. ~ ~ What? You don't go to the movies anymore because you might be offended by their tone? ~ ~ Then how about you bend over and grab your ankles and let my trusty sidekick fuck you in ass just a little bit longer? Like about 70 weeks. ~ ~ Cry "UNCLE!!" when you have finally had enough and I will see to it that he knocks it off and leaves you alone. ~ ~ What are friends for anyway? ~ ~ You make me feel good, I make you feel good. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ D&C 133 NOTES: All of those prophets among the lost tribes of Israel in the north countries have been saying that Hillary Clinton is going to be instrumental in cleaning up the abominable mess that Barack Obama is making. ~ ~ For example, that hot air birthday balloon caught fire in Clinton, Mass because that is the same county where TUPPERWARE is located; soon to be a major motion picture starring Sandra Bullock. ~ ~ YES MAM NOTES: Jim Carrey's inspired YES MAN movie was a timely portrait about today's cultish love guru Mormons who have become nothing more than a bunch of pussy whipped yes men. ~ ~ ATLAS MAP NOTES: Clinton is located just above Berlin. For today's new and improved RLDS church in the CARNIVAL OF SOULS prophecy. Which is now being dominated by that democratic socialist pilot from Germany. ~ ~ Think THE AVIATOR meets PEARL HARBOR; filmed in Barack Obama's adopted home state of Hawaii. "Surprise surprise!!" Fat Bastard in AP:II. ~ ~ BIG TIME MOVIE PRODUCER NOTES: I need Jim Carrey and Mike Myers to set aside their legendary Hollywood egos and make a comedy duo picture for me. Al a Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. ~ ~ And it better have lots of 19ish beauties in bathing suits in it; or both of them are fired. I AM is not in this for my health. ~ ~ Think Simon and Garfunkel make a 1970s Porno. Whatever, I need new, never seen before material. ~ ~ I am not going to throw good money after bad money, if you get my drift. I may be a very rich man in my own private mind; but I am in no way pretending to be the Federal Reserve Bank of America. ~ ~ SIDEWAYS NOTES: Cock your head aside and look at it this way. I role play that teacher in SIDEWAYS. You role play my sexy too young female student who can't wait to fuck me because you know that it will definitely improve your grade point average. ~ ~ PRIZMATIC NOTES: Do I go for the exotic Montana black spotted trout in the outlets of the two Jordan Lakes and the two Falls Lakes above Marblemount, Washington this fall? Or do I go for those native rainbows in the upper Stilly pools this year? Whatever. One can always rely on those small native western cutthroat creeks on the south side of Mount Rainier. Which always seem to have enough glacial melt ground water in them, no matter how dry of a summer we have. ~ ~ Read ISAIAH 58:11 if you doubt me on this.

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