Thursday, July 31, 2014


Like the Catholic Bill O'Really and the Mormon Glenn Beck, the Jewish Michael Medved still believes that birthers are kind of nutty. ~ ~ Which makes complete sense in the proper historical context. ~ ~ Since all of them still believe that the Bible's PLAIN TRUTH magazine history about the northern Kingdom of Israel is kind of nutty. ~ ~ Ergo, that REV.12 flood in Westwood, LA that is threatening to destroy the church of the lamb. ~ ~ For example, UCLA's famous historic negro basketball court named after the apostate gay ass Gospel of Paul looks like it can't be saved now. ~ ~ And is going to half to be completely rebuilt and born again. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACK TO THE FUTURE NOTES: The 1985 movie's wounded heads motif was about the first 666 beast's head that was wounded and then was miraculously healed by all those DOC HOLLYWOOD figures out there. Then those 4 people on the Mormon FAMILY TIES family entertainment tv show were later diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease; for that prophetic "parking" scenario in BACK TO THE FUTURE. ~ ~ Gosh, how should I put this. If you do not believe in modern revelation. Then I guess that you are just pretty gullible. ~ ~ FRENCH EXWIFE NOTES: Today's Ebola plague is being born again in West French Africa because the Dr. Evil villain in MOONRAKER is also French Catholic in spirit. ~ ~ JOEY SMITH NOTES: According to Joseph Smith's much needed translation of the corrupt 66.6 books Bible. The Catholic Church based in the 7 hills of Federico Fellini's ROMA was a sovereign government for exactly 1260 years. ~ ~ That was about the same size as today's federal government in Washington, DC; speaking in terms of square miles. ~ ~ STARBUCKS RADIO NOTES: Sitting outside in front of STARBUCKS early Thursday morning, listening to NPR AREA CODE 310 radio, I heard their report about the new and improved reduced rates of crime in South Chicago. Then I tuned into some other-point-of-view AM radio news station and heard about that [HORRIBLE BOSSES] gay figure who was shot by some lowly loser Radar figure, at: ~ ~ Think Donald Young was also murdered in cold blood by Barack Obama's Chinatown, Chicago minions. Represented by that Chinese assassin in MOONRAKER meets LIVE AND LET DIE. ~ ~ What? You still haven't run a check on Obama's stolen Social Security number? ~ ~ Who do you guys think you are? ~ ~ Some local AM radio jockey who just tells his old time FDR radio listeners what they want to hear? ~ ~ Obama's grandmother at the Hawaii probate offices gave him a used born again Social Security number long before anybody ever knew about the power of the Internet to catch cheaters. ~ ~ Back around the same time that Spencer W. Kimball received his genuine revelation from Satan that granted the higher priesthood to the Negro sons of Ham. ~ ~ And Ken Kemp et al bought it hook, line, and sinker at BYU's Tony high society law school. Without even asking to see a physical copy of the so-called spoken-word relation written down on paper. ~ ~ DA VINCI CODE NOTES: According to the Holy Grail Branch Davidian prophecies in the Bible, the future King of England will also become the King of France. ~ ~ Think KING RALPH: II&III; co-starring Jim Carrey with Sienna Miller and Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley. ~ ~ There is a Providential reason why Jerry Lewis is still larger than life itself in France.

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