Friday, July 25, 2014


Last night I dreamed that Ken Kemp invited me to an LDS singles party. Where I mingled for awhile and then stepped out onto the backyard patio to chat with a nice looking 29ish blond babe. ~ ~ Then I saw an underground tunnel opening back there that had obviously been dug all the way from Gaza to America; which looked large enough to smuggle in an A-bomb or something. ~ ~ Whatever, we all just stripped down and climbed into the hot tub. ~ ~ Now that I think about it, that beach party tunnel which collapsed on top of Adam Pye in Half Moon Bay was probably a Crescent Moon thing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ POKER FACE NOTES: Seriously now, no jokering, the sexiest poker face out there right now is at: ~ ~ I dare you to guess what she is thinking. ~ ~ LA COSA NOSTRA NOTES: You will see it coming. Only after you finally realize and admit that you did not see it coming. ~ ~ INTERCONNECTED SERIES OF TUNNELS NOTES: Guess which one of the swinging three-way Austin Powers trilogy movies makes a prophetic reference to all of those underground movie notes about those GROUNDHOG DAY tunnels that are being discovered in Gaza right now. ~ ~ WILDEST DREAMS NOTES: Last night I dreamed that I was at a tony party in London, where a very friendly and nice guy Prince Charles was standing beside me. ~ ~ But when I went to the two bathrooms at one point, one of the toilets was missing, and the other toilet was so full of crap that it was stuck up and overflowing. And then the Lord told me that both of them were no good anymore. So I went outside and just peed into a garbage can out back. ~ ~ JOKER NOTES: My sidekick wants to bring more illegal underaged virgin teenagers into America because he knows how much that gets under the skin of all those white people in Utah who know that the BOOK OF MORMON is a true prophecy about the dark skinned people. ~ ~ Why go underground when you can always go for at least tourist class? And force all of those non Jew white people in America to pay for your plane ticket and hotel expenses to boot. ~ ~ CLIFF NOTES FOR POPULISTS: The NWO conspiracy is a false flag style false doctrine. Don't worry. There is no credible plot out there right now that seeks to eliminate your precious 666 Social Security and Medicare idols. ~ ~

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