Friday, July 4, 2014


In the hush hush hee hee 2005 prophecy entitled REVOLVER, what revolves around comes around. Per that scene in REVOLVER where we see Barack Obama's neo fascist sunrise logo in the background when I give Woody Allen a big bag full of tax free cash on loan from God. And when he does not pay me back in spades; he gets shot in the head; MARK 13:14 style. ~ ~ Because the time has now come for the Jews to start getting it; i.e. either you get it for me, or you get it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ STORY BACKGROUND NOTES: In the opening first act of REVOLVER, we see the date of July 12 in the shoot-out background. ~ ~ Which just might have something to do with the greatest con man in the history of American. Who is now getting his cock sucked on a daily basis by the half Jew leadership of the Republican Party. ~ ~ CRASH 1997 NOTES: Sandra Bullock only owes me about half of everything that she's got. And even then, I just get to pretend for a short while that it is all my money; just for the shits and giggles. ~ ~ Besides, there is not an underaged teenager movie star in all of Hollywood who would suck on my cock right now for less than two big ones. Remember, their mother agent/managers get at least 10+15% of that. So we're only really talking around 1.5. ~ ~ INTERSTATE 95 NOTES: That Cat.2 grinding up the I-95 east coast of America on the Fourth of July represents those double swirling grass mower blades in LEPRECHAUN 2. "Yeah, really..." AP:2. ~ ~ FIREWORKS NOTES: The ongoing fireworks in Israel started on June 12. ~ ~ ABOUT LAST NIGHT NOTES: Last night at 7:13 I heard a strange voice inside of my head that said, "YOU TAKE A SHIT!" So later, I looked up the usual unconfirmed Internet info about the WORLD CUP FINAL that happens of 7.13. ~ ~ A VIEW TO A KILLING NOTES: After giving a considerable amount of thought to FORTUNE magazine's new freakish Elizabeth Holmes' [new blood] BRIDES OF DRACULA cover, I'm starting to get a whole new fresh perspective on 1985's iconic James Bond movie. Wherein 007 looked like a freaky 62 year-old stud. Even though he was only 56 when they made the movie. ~ ~ For example, see Bill Murray's new Russian mob blood brother movie trailer GSR/TWN hit piece at: ~ ~ Per the spoken word revelations from God that are recorded at, if you don't like to fuck that much, but you are still a really good person, you will get to go to a very nice place forever and ever where there is no more fucking. ~ ~ What goes around comes around. If that is what you want.

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