Monday, July 14, 2014


My sidekick nigger's sidekick nigger at the fascist DOJ is now complaining that I keep him up at night. I know how he feels. ~ ~ For the latest example of why, see Shenae Grimes flashing me the three-way fingers hand trick at: ~ ~ You rub me the wrong way, I rub you the wrong way. ~ ~ On the other hand; if you rub me the right way, I rub you the right way. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HORRIBLE BOSSY NOTES: In Woody's BLUE JASMINE soap opera, the horrible dentist boss harasses the Jennifer Aniston figure who walks out next to that 780 street number at: ~ ~ Because her boss looked just like the above CATCH 22 actor in the above fake computer generated [birth certificate] image. ~ ~ MORE J2 BACKGROUND NOTES: See: ~ ~ According to the what-would-Jesus-do Bible, girls are supposed to get married no later than ten years after puberty, i.e. around the same age as Shenae Grimes. Otherwise, they become nothing but trouble. ~ ~ That said, in the Kingdom of God there are no hard ass rules; only eternal guidelines based upon true principles. ~ ~ MOVIE GUIDE NOTES: I picked up Hitchock's classic 1963 prophecy about the latter-day invasion of Ephraimite Israel's Gay Area in EZE.38 at TARGET on Monday. Not realizing that the blond actress on the DVD box art was yet another Amber [Alert] Heard look alike like the one in NORTH BY NORTHWEST. ~ ~ TWO FINGERS NOTES: The fake 1969 hit song called SUGAR, SUGAR was a polygamist mormon three-way marital sex prophecy, per: ~ ~ AND:,_Sugar ~ ~ Too bad for you if this buggers you. ~ ~ BLUE NOTES: Any second and third sailboat sequel to BLUE JASMINE would not be complete without a nice juicy role in both of them for Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan. Which is why Keira was so obsessed with staying in a gray house boat on gray Lake Union in sleepless gray Seattle when she made that recent gray area fuck film with Chloe Moretz et al. ~ ~ Quite frankly, I don't even give a flying fuck if we have to use the same local female director to make it all happen. If the screenplay that we paid a couple big ones for up front is right on the money of course. ~ ~ POINT ROBERTS NOTES: Of course, a lot of those PRACTICAL MAGIC style sex-on-the-beach scenes would have to be shot down on Sandra Bullocks's private beachfront property on Lopez Island. ~ ~ That way, she can flip it for a cool ten million above what she paid for it just three years ago. ~ ~ [Recently, I have been having dreams about fingering a sweet little tight vagina 16 year-old virgin Evangeline Lilly on a beach on Vashon Island. But I'm not sure yet if this would have anything to do with Lopez Island. Since she is not known to make risky real estate investments.] ~ ~ BAD BOY NOTES: Women think that white bad boys are sexy; not wishy-washy Jew boys who don't have any balls, and don't have their backs. ~ ~ IRS NOTES: FOX radio is reporting with a serious tone in their voices that the US Army is still investigating that well known deserter who has just been returned to active duty in Texas; for example, see this same kind of report at: ~ ~ In other words, Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, according to their Bill O'Reilly investigation, yada yada...

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