Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Israel's new war slogan sounds like a typical razor blade commercial on TV because the day 1290 USA shadow country is now being run by a bunch of clean shaven secular Jewish liberals who love niggers and homosexuals and communists more than they love white Republican people. ~ ~ For example. Joan Rivers was just allowed to appear on Letterman, as long as she agreed to not say anything about Obama being gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that. ~ ~ GSR\TWN ~ ~ INCREDIBLE NOTES: Jim Carey's Iggy Pop figure in THE INCREDIBLE BURNT WONDERSTONE burns his arm at Judah's 10th born again birthday party at 1:11:55 on my DVD. ~ ~ LANGUAGE NOTES: Republicanism is the opposite of democracratic fascism. ~ ~ For example, right after the brown eyed Emma Watson obtained her Internet college courses home study degree from Brown, she got officially hooked up with the third world's demagogic United Nations. ~ ~ Therefore, after the upcoming REV.16 earthquake in Chicago, the USA is going to cut off all of it's unconstitutional connections with the decadent UN; not to mention that illegal extortionist mob scam called the 16th amendment. ~ ~ STAND UP NOTES: Reportedly, Sterling told some rich Jew fuck lawyer to stand up and act like a man and tell him what the hell he was actually being accused of; good luck with that one. That kind of thing never even happens on the DAVID LETTERMAN show anymore; much less the Supreme Court of the USA. ~ ~ INTERNET COLLEGE COURSE POP QUIZ: Which prophetic inspired movie have I been reviewing in the past two weeks that prominently features the July 8 date street number of '708'? ~ ~ PS EMMA: I'll let you check off your cliff notes on this one, just this one time, at: ~ ~ Just as long as you stop by my office after the above surprise quickie exam and be nice to me. ~ ~ PS MICHAEL MEDVED: When you finally decide to lay off with the cheesy smug gay ass Jewish insider code words like "President Barack Obama" you will immediately notice a significant decrease in the volume of your regular anti-Semitic hate emails. ~ ~ That goes for you too Bill O'Really and Glenn Beck.

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