Tuesday, July 29, 2014


In the 1985 Reaganite Democrat prophecy entitled BACK TO THE FUTURE, we first see Bro. Gillespie back in 1955 getting kicked around at a public high school in Hill Valley, USA. Where the cups of the whores in REV.17 are boldly on display in all the hallway glass cases; next to all those enchanting REV.13:1 under-the-sea dance banners. ~ ~ And where 30 years later, that well known Marxist democrat third-wayer Martin Luther King has replaced George Washington as the standard of truth and reason. ~ ~ In other words, the spiritual birth certificate of today's Chicago Mayor, Barack Obama, can not ever be physically felt or touched. Since it only exists in the form of a cyber space reality. ~ ~ That was confirmed years later by it's printed out full-color copy that fooled the only gullible female reporter who they allowed to hold it and feel it in her hands. ~ ~ And then that same gullible woman who was in charge of the NYT at the time printed it out on the front page of her Jewish owned and operated newspaper. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACK IN TIME NOTES: That is definitely Alison Roth who plays my sister in BACK TO THE FUTURE; who gets a call from some guy named Greg or Craig in the future; at the end of the movie. ~ ~ Back in 1955, that little kid at the dinner table who is wearing a coon hat is non-other than Bonney Lake's regular STARBUCKS customer named Bob Short. Who is now a giant of a man who regularly attends the Kingdom Hall up in Buckley. ~ ~ That cheap looking homemade birthday cake in the above movie's first act is about Joey Smith et al still being held behind the 666 bars of captivity by the filthy black birds of Egypt. ~ ~ The film's crazy Jewish genius inventor named Dr. Brown represents my former business partner Woody Norris of course. Who finally comes up with an amazing invention that pays off in spades, circa 2015. During the last of the 70 weeks between Jennifer Aniston's birthday and Paris Hilton's birthday in February of 2015. ~ ~ Woody was the one who inspired me to leave the apostate christian BYU college before I graduated from there with some phony boloney BS arts degree. Which in turn inspired my apostate Catholic French wife to cut me off from our bullshit Prove Temple marriage that happened on Nichole Kidman's 6.20 birthday. ~ ~ One may recall, I got those two huge overdrive speakers attached to my mega watts KENWOOD amps that were made in Hope, Arkansas from Woody's hi fi shop in Sugar Town, Utah. That were basically the same thing featured in the opening scenario of BACK TO THE FUTURE. ~ ~ OLD ITALIAN MOVIE NOTES: I just might roll into Rome at the end of next year for a couple weeks with a cast and crew that includes Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, and Jim Carrey; to remake some old Fellini ROMA type James Bond movie on the fly. Talk about having the last laugh. ~ ~ And if we can shoot the entire thing under 21 days using home video cameras, we won't even have to obtain any work permits, much less pay any local taxes. ~ ~ Don't laugh. In the above James Bond movie, James Carrey plays the classic middle-aged 50+ 007 agent; and I play the somewhat older looking Orson Welles villain. Whose girlfriends are even more inappropriately underaged looking than the two Bond girls. And this business about me shooting the whole thing in and around Roma in two weeks does not include the week of shooting at George Clooney's shag pad up on Lake Como. ~ ~ Plus maybe a couple days of pick-up establishing shoots in and around Vancouver, BC. Just to establish the plot's Chinese mob high-rise condo development connections.

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