Wednesday, July 2, 2014


REVOLVER is a lot like the above title to this new post. ~ ~ No wonder that Jesus has revealed unto his D&C 133 prophets among the lost tribes that my black&white sidekick, who was definitely born in Africa, is a Muslim at heart with Buddhist sympathies. ~ ~ Ergo, in today's Middle East, the 666 followers of the false prophet and the dragon in REV.16 chop off the heads of homogaysexual transsexual sex perverts like Barack Obama. ~ ~ The delicious REV.13:1 Chile sea bass rots from the head down, and all that shit. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MOVIE NOTES: Dorothy Macha looks like a younger confusing Speaker Boner for a reason in the 2005 meets 2007 REVOLVER prophecy. ~ ~ Or in other words, Mr. DC looks like Mr. Boner from Ohio. ~ ~ And all those secret hidden neo con Jews out there, like Clyde Lewis, who say that there is no significant difference between Republicans and Democrats is a lying sack of shit who believes that space aliens are about to take over the United Nations of The United States of America of the united European Union. ~ ~ And who can really blame these little [negroish] children for thinking this way? ~ ~ After 24 years of all those arrogant ivy league Jews at the NYT having such a ball bullshitting all of us simple minded white trash folks about the most white trash icons that America has ever seen in the form of Hillary and Bill Clinton. ~ ~ Too bad that today's higher institutions of learning and all of the better hotels and country clubs where the white Ephraimite Republicans like to hang out are no longer restricted. ~ ~ NEED TO KNOW ONLY NOTES: My favorite pistol in the whole-wide-world is still S&W's old school stainless steel 3-pounder .45 6-shooter revolver. The only thing better than that in the pocket-pistol category is a [stock and barrel] sawed-off 12 gage with the gay ass 3-round plug removed.

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