Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Last week I dreamed that Chris Rock bought three pistols at PISTOL ANNIES in Bonney Lake. While I was also there at the gun counter checking out some small cheap priced Brazilian made .22 revolver; making sure that it could handle long rifle .22 bullets, and not just .22 shorts. ~ ~ Then a few days later, I saw the new pix of Rock hosting the 14th BET awards in Hollywood. ~ ~ Naturally, I had to stop in there the next day. Where I found Guy Richie's 2005 movie entitled 'REVOLVER' in a revised trimmed-down DVD version for just two bucks. ~ ~ Which was ultimately about a Chris Rock type nigger role playing the yet unheard of Barack Obama. Who ends up checkmating all those white Jews who believed in their own minds that MARK 13:14's abomination of desolation was their friend and soul mate. ~ ~ And that all those white Christians out there who were trying to warn them about the devil were just a gang of delusional neo con men Nazi wanna-bes. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PSYCHOTIC MIND FUCK NOTES: In the beginning of the revisionist version of REVOLVER, circa 2007, Barack Obama is winning the royal England chess game time and again. ~ ~ Just to sucker in all those naive white Republicans who believed that the unconstitutional Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a good thing. ~ ~ For example, the old men in the Mormon church started to give the negro sons of Ham the priesthood back in the swinging 70s; even though they had absolutely no genuine [birth certificate] spoken word revelation to show for it. ~ ~ BRIDGET JONES NOTES: We see a book on the shelf in the background of the original Bridget Jones movie in 2001 with a title that says, WOMEN WHO LOVE MEN ARE CRAZY. ~ ~ True enough, most of today's women who fell in love with Barack Obama back in 2008 were quite crazy-in-love. Therefore, in the upcoming Kingdom of God, only men will be allowed to vote. ~ ~ ABOUT LAST NIGHT NOTES: Until last night, I thought that 2008's DUPLICITY was the best GSR/TWN spoof/homage ever. [Federico Fellini's ROMA prophecy about me and Gisele Bundchen excluded.] ~ ~ FRESH ORNELLA AND DONATELLA NOTES: The King of Hollywood's last 1959 movie entitled IT STARTED IN NAPLES was about you two sisters. Co-starring that 50ish American lawyer from 1776 Philadelphia who was also the co-star of his last made movie called THE MISFITS; filmed in Reno, Nevada. ~ ~ MILEY CYRUS NOTES: By all indications, Miley Cyrus is just sitting on the edge of her bed, at this very moment, feeling very bored with things. "Are you just going to sit there [Mel Gibson] or are you going to do something about it?" [ZERO EFFECT]

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