Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Everything that happens at Half Moon Bay in California has always been associated somehow with Charlize Theron; located on your atlas due north of San Gregorio. ~ ~ For the latest example, a guy named Adam was inspired by Adam [the Holy Ghost] to dig his own ten foot deep grave on the beach there and bury himself alive in the sands of the beast that rises up from the sea in REV.13:1, per: ~ ~ Sounds like a Steve Gray escape bit to me. ~ ~ Whatever, the above report's 35 minute time-line refers to the 35 longitude line that divides Israel/Texas in half for the 50/50 half and half prophecy about the ten virgins in MATT 25 ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ J2 NOTES: Yeah I know, the above dude looks a lot like J2. But don't get too carried away with this. I don't want him to get all freaked out and ban me from posting on his various BB threads. ~ ~ RAIN MAN NOTES: The rains came down hard in Seattle right after my sidekick's vist to Jewish Medina, Washington in confirmation of my ISAIAH 58:11 post. Where a major Jesus loves you revival is about to happen. ~ ~ New readers take note. The RAIN MAN prophecy was about what happens when you eat nothing but white flour shit and then you make a baby who is totally crazy. ~ ~ ADAM NOTES: The original tv Batman was played by Adam West, of course. California being the land of fruits and nuts. ~ ~ Oh yeah, the rather tall 85 year-old dude is a Jew, per these pix that don't lie, at: ~ ~ And so is Bonney Lake's Brother Gillespie figure who I see driving around town in his mint condition 1947 straight-8 BUICK featured in AP: III, etc. etc. ~ ~ HISTORY BOOK NOTES: The ongoing historic wildfires around Lake Chelan represent the deep lake's representation of the snake that eats the delicious red apples there; which are mostly bland and tasteless, circa JACOB 5. Because right there is The Devil's Backbone landmark, next to the Angels Ridge landmark, north of 727' Wenatchee.

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