Sunday, July 6, 2014


That symbolic 4.6 crucifixion date earthquake in California's Highland area on Saturday was confirmation of the REV.16, Hwy.101, earthquake plot in A VIEW TO A KILL. ~ ~ Wherein my transsexual sidekick sacrifices himself in the end in order that the white people of lost Israel might begin to wake up and smell the new and improved May Day fascism. ~ ~ That's right boys and girls, the most hated man in America right now is not a communist; never has been, never will be. ~ ~ Ergo, in the prophetic 1985 film, Mr.Z denounces his former associations with the Soviet Union's KGB simpletons and halfbreed idiots. ~ ~ And of course, he has no legitimate birth certificate family history records on file anywhere. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NIGGERS, QUEERS, AND JEWS NOTES: This is what happens when you fuck a white stranger in the ass with your Johnson, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Never fuck with a half Jew white man. Who tends to characterize the best and worst of both worlds. ~ ~ DOUBLE CROSSER NOTES: At the end of A VIEW TO A KILL, Mr.Z double crosses the British Grace Jones. Who was his biggest supporter ever. And who had faithfully voted for him at least two times. ~ ~ Therefore, now I get to make any feature length film that I fancy. ~ ~ How about Mel Gibson as the next 007 James Bond sporting a strange Australian English accent? Likewise Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts as his next three-way Bond girls? Like I said, money talks, bullshit walks. ~ ~ Believe it or not, even Elizabeth Holmes is starting to get a little bored right around now. And I aim to do something about it. ~ ~ REV.12 NOTES: The latter-day flood plot in A VIEW TO A KILL was about the flood of evil dirty waters in REV.12. Hence the bucket full of dirty water that St. John Steed tossed onto that sterling silver ROLLS ROYCE limo in the movie. And then later the flooding royal car of England almost drowns the iconic Branch Davidian movie star Roger Moore. ~ ~ JESUS CHRIST SUPER STAR NOTES: The nicest thing about me having ten billion in off-shore tax-free play-money to make any movie that I want for the next ten years is that has also not made one dime in prophet in the past ten years. Plus, I get all the free lattes that I want. ~ ~ PS JERRY SIGNFELD: You never call me because you think that your wife would never approve of it. Think Jay Leno's wife finally meets your wife, and they both like it. ~ ~ And if that doesn't work; just think about me getting my cock sucked dry in THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II meets CAPTAIN RON:II. ~ ~ And if that still doesn't do it for you; how about LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II co-starring a born again Orson Welles meets a new resurrected Marlin Brando meets Cara Delevigne meets Scarlett Johnson? ~ ~ Still nothing? ~ ~ How about you just go home and shove a .22 into your mouth and get it over with once and for all. ~ ~ Everybody and his dog knows that it is finally time to go when the sex life is gone.

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