Thursday, July 17, 2014


I waited to watch THE BIRDS prophecy on Annalynne McCord's birthday for a reason. Not knowing that her boyfriend in the 1963 movie was a Robbin Williams looking liberal lawyer figure from today's Gay Area. ~ ~ Typically, people don't think of that dead public education teacher with her eyes plucked out in the movie when they think of the new DALLAS soap opera star Ms. McCord. ~ ~ And why not? ~ ~ They both think the same way; vote the same way; eat the same food; yada yada. ~ ~ And they both love living in California. Where the afternoon's sun-sex-and-pasta lifestyle is out of this world. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOTES FOR DUMMIES: Annalynne looks like a typical white southern Republican babe who was home schooled. Annie looked like your typical white NPR Democrat low-information voter idiot. ~ ~ 007 NOTES: That James Bond movie about the modern Sodom started up it's first act in Amsterdam. Which is the international center of the Jewish DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER market. In confirmation of Rush Limbaugh's final solution show this week. ~ ~ You try to shoot down Rush, he shoots you down. ~ ~ In other words. Rush is always right even when he is wrong. And you are always wrong even when you are right. ~ ~ BIRD WATCHER NOTES: In Hitchcock's THE BIRDS, all of the people are white; and all of the dirty filthy hen-pecking birds are darkies. ~ ~ ADRIANA NOTES: Ms. Lima has been so inspired to donate her surplus moneys to the orphan children in Central America because the time would soon come when all of those desperate orphans would be invading America, per EZE.38. ~ ~ Yeah I know. Simply reporting this obviously providential fact on this blog is going to go a long ways towards getting me laid on her yacht out of Miami. But that still does not make it any less true. ~ ~ BLUE NOTES: Watching the rather boring highbrow BLUE JASMINE was such a chore. However, now that I see those refreshing new pix of Jen at J2, I'll probably go back and watch it again with a bit more humor.

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