Saturday, July 19, 2014


I encountered a nice looking younger mother and her virgin teen daughter pair at the MOUNTAIN VISTA sign on T.G.I.F. Who were putting up signs for their garage sale. So when I stopped by it an hour later I found some unheard of movie called ABOUT ADAM. ~ ~ Which was ultimately about Clyde Lewis going to Washington's Mount Adams on Friday in search of Big Foots, vampire werewolves, and UFOs. No kidding, check out this really cute and sexy alien babe at; ~ ~ Ergo, Adam gets his cock sucked on that "mountain" hill hike outside of Dublin, Ireland in the [pre] plural sister-wives movie made in 1999. ~ ~ Big wow definitely. I always thought that Charlize Theron was the one who was doing the Flirty Fishing in their ten year relationship marriage; now I see that it was the other way around. ~ ~ Oh well, live and learn, yada yada. ~ ~ GSR\TWN ~ ~ PRISMATIC TOUR NOTES: That mother daughter duel were rudely taping their garage sale signs over that PRIZM PAINTING rainbow-of-colors sign with the 468 prefix, so; ~ ~ RUSH NOTES: This Canadian tour bus crash is about Rush letting that Canadian guy guest host his show on open line Friday. Just as long as nobody is allowed to talk about Obama's forged birth certificate while he goes golfing somewhere, just like Obama always does, at: ~ ~ MOUNT ADAMS ATLAS SIGNS: The Indian medicine wheel reservation runs up the east side of Mount Adams; where we see The Hump rock formation, right above The Bumper formations; the Devil's Garden rocks; the Ridge of Wonders next to Hellroaring Falls; The Spearhead ridge rocks, etc. etc. ~ ~ WHINY NOTES: Reportedly, Charlize dumped Stuart Townsend after all those years because she got tired of his never ending Woody Allen type whining. Say what you will about Sean Penn; at least he is not a whiner. ~ ~ RUDE NOTES: All of those Blanding, Utah atlas map editorialist at the bland-as-hell RLDS MORMON TIMES are more interested in having the right tone, than having the truth in their tones. ~ ~ How gay. ~ ~ That is like Jennifer Garner marrying the handsome as hell Ben Afleck just because he is a really nice guy. ~ ~ When was the last time that any of these tony high society Mormon leaders ever talked about the White Horse Prophecy or the reborn again 666 beast? It's almost as if THE REVELATION OF ST JOHN THE DIVINE did not even exist.

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