Saturday, April 16, 2016


The Bernie Sanders impersonator Larry David enters the picture at exactly 42:00 minutes into WEEKEND AT BERNIES. ~ ~ Which began with the future mega size Obamacare insurance company's pyramid logo introduction to the film's Sodom and Egypt message in REV.11. ~ ~ Hence, the AIDS anal sex [fun 911 German car rear-motor ride] butt stinger in REV.9; the sandy beaches of the rising born-again Jews-for-Jesus 666 beast of Israel in REV.13:1... yada, yada. ~ ~ Remember, this movie supposedly takes place in the [DEATH TRAP] Hamptons. Where that messianic left-handed  "Jew" Jerry Seinfeld is still living. ~ ~ Who looks a lot like the brown eyed ambitious Jew boy in the movie. ~ ~ Starting with it's opening background view of Bernie and Hillary's satanic cult castle residence in ROSEMARY'S BABY. Where John Lenin was shot in the back with a .38 special by some crazy born again Christian Buddhist guy from Hawaii.  ~ ~ Lenin being the first third wayer to immerge after the first socialist revolution in Russia immediately evolved into secondary fascism. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ A MYSTERIOUS SERIOUS MAN NOTES: Prince's private purple jet suddenly flew into the Rock Island County, Ill/inois airport on Friday because he was ill with the flu. Flying back from two back to back rock concerts in MLK JR Atlantis. For the ten lost tribes of Israel fantasy island themes in WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S meets THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN. ~ ~ I shit you not. Even camp STARBUCKS is now offering a blend of cheap coffee beans from Brazil. ~ ~ And there is a little place up the road from where Prince landed named Cleveland, Illinois. ~ ~ Not to be confused with Cleveland, Ohio of course. ~ ~ FOX NEWS NOTES: There is no such thing as a "President Obama". Never has been, never will be.

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