Saturday, April 2, 2016


Yesterday morning before the dawn, I tuned into Seattle's mormon owned 97.3 FM KIRO talk radio to hear the top of the hour news. Whereupon I unexpectedly heard the word "...GOODWILL!..." in some gay ass free radio ad PSA that is mandated by today's 666 government. ~ ~ [Think DESERET INDUSTRIES]  ~ ~ For example, over in G7 Germany, their  Biblically required 10% tithing for the Luthern state church is just involuntarily taken from everybody's paycchecks and tax filings; Bernie Sanders style. ~ ~ Therefore, I immediately turned the radio off; not wanting to confuse the new day's inspired Messianic sentiment from God any further. ~ ~ Then later in the day I went up to GOODWILL and found a nice condition used copy of OCEANS 13. Which apparently is about George Clooney and Brad Pitt crossing over and putting their celebrity mojo behind the Republican Party's multi million dollars budget to stop Donald Trump by any means necessary. ~ ~ Did see that one coming. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MR.ZERO NOTES: In the Portland, Oregon based prophecy that is about me, and not about you, entitled ZERO EFFECT, I find the billionaire's gold plated SWISS ARMY knife key chain. For when the time would come in 2016 that my long lost handsome as hell son would be living in Geneva, Switzerland. And George Clooney would have that big house on the water that I always wanted to havev on Lake Como. ~ ~ After that REV.17 mystery woman got caught on fire and then quickly ran down to the boat house dock and jumped into the lake. ~ ~ Hell bells, why not? ~ ~ Who among us wants to suffer anymore than we have to? ~ ~ Even Jesus himself got down on his knees and pleaded with the Father to not let it happen; Glenn Beck style. ~ ~ NO KIDDING NOTES: If I decide to cast Kristen Stewart in all three of my James Dean remake movies, I'm going to need to find a worthy look alike of his original James Bond girlfriend at the time. ~ ~ I know, this sounds pretty crazy. ~ ~ But you can look it up on the 666 Internet if you do not believe it. ~ ~ Same thing goes for Obama's fake 666 computerized birth certificate image and his use of a stolen fact-checked Social Security 666 number.  ~ ~ What goes around comes around. ~ ~ Please. For Jesus sake. Somebody stop it. ~ ~ PS CHRIS MATTHEWS: Sometimes I just say whatever you want me to say; whatever works in the short run. ~ ~ "You play tricks on me, I play tricks on you." Pee-Wee Herman.

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