Thursday, April 14, 2016


Less is more when it comes to the cheaper cuts of meat that have more flavor in THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL prophecy about Donald Trump, at: . ~ ~ For a refresher course, this was the 2014 movie about a tall hook-nosed Jew from Brooklyn who tried his best to stop Trump; but it didn't work. ~ ~ What did work for awhile, was the old white men's club at the Republican Party, who were too impotent to tell the truth about Barack Obama, er all from day one.  ~ ~ No thanks to the two witnesses in REV.11. Who by then had become overcome by the devil. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: Don't be worried about all of those inspired latter-day-saints movies that portray you as a tall blond half Jewish Nazi. ~ ~ It's a trick. ~ ~ Just like in the many prophetic films since the FDR era that portray yours truly as a blood sucking vampire polygamist who loves to seduce underaged virgins. ~ ~ TOP SIRLOIN NOTES: Fuck the grill and just use your favorite cast iron frying pan. Heat it up until it starts to smoke. Meanwhile pepper both sides of the steak. Then toss it into the pan for two minutes, depending on the thickness. Then turn it over; salt and butter it down with garlic. Then get the damn thing out of the pan before you ruin it. ~ ~ Personally, I like it medium rare, but maybe you prefer it medium, but still juicy pink. ~ ~ Whatever, there is no such thing as a good steak served well, or well done. ~ ~ Hell, you might as well just throw it into your old 1970s era stainless steel VITA MIX 3600 blender, from Olmsted Falls, Cleveland, Ohio, near the airport, and then suck it up like a brown chocolate milkshake with a straw. ~ ~

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