Saturday, April 23, 2016


TRUMP TOWER LA is located along Olympic Blvd. in DIE HARD. ~ ~ Where Genn Beck's BLAZE has offices on the 27th floor of the FOX high rise. ~ ~ And my own offices in the 1988 pre-GSR/TWN movie are located on the 29th floor; right between the two floors of Ms Campbell and Ms Crawford. ~ ~ In fact, everything in the film has a two witnesses theme; starting with the two points NBA basket score, the '1260' America-held-hostage countdown, to the two British fags left in John's pack at 1:32:39. ~ ~ Which is the "...two by two cover formation" of the assault on the occupied tower of sodom and egypt after the cops arrive. ~ ~  Shortly after we see the upcoming Republican Party hotel and convention sign for this summer; as the establishment Republican negro figure named Powell slams his no.110 black&white in reverse and calls for backup. ~ ~ "This is simply the beginning." at 58:50 minutes on my DVD copy. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~

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