Friday, April 22, 2016


TRUMP TOWER west is located right next to KING RALPH's RALPH'S FOODS storehouse for the hungry and poor at street number 2121 in DIE HARD. For a blackjack 21Trump casino thing about the little black Prince dying on the Queen's 4.21 birthday. ~ ~ The prophetic movie's X-MASS season seems to be a thing about George Albert Smith's Moroni temple trumpeter vision about the WWW III vampire happening in Saint George, Washington County, Utah. ~ ~ That starts up sometime after the presidential election in 2016, and Trump's inauguration as the new President of Sodom and Egypt on January 20, 2017. ~ ~ When the abomination of desolation in DANITE 9-11 will still have the legal authority for about three months to start anything that he wants. ~ ~ And whose to stop him? ~ ~ Certainly not the Republican Party of the fallen Old Man of the Mountain in New Hampshire. ~ ~ Hell, they counldn't even stop Donald Trump. Who is a tall white guy with blond hair. ~ Who owns and operates a shit load of golf course resort properties. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DIE HARD NOTES: I saw DIE HARD in 1988 at a multiplex theater in Studio City, LA with Kenny Kemp. Where my friend Terry McKnight had one of my $1 coin-op machines in the lobby called ARE YOU COMPATIBLE? ~ ~ Which printed out an 8x11 sheet of paper that looked like those papers fluttering down from the top of the high tower in the movie. ~ ~ SHAKESPEAR IN LOVE NOTES: This fully budgeted HBO/BBC movie came out in London on 9.27 back in 007 as a noble effort to explain away the third way similarities between the first beast, who died, and the last beast, who also eventually died, in REV.13, at: ~ ~  NOTES FOR THE MORE SOPHISTICATED GENTLEMAN: There is a Divine reason why the mayor of London looks like Donald Trump, at: ~ ~ Remember, the municipality of London is technically sovereign from the rest of England. ~ ~ Kind of like the Vatican State in Roma, Italia; or Washington DC in the USA; not to mention Austin, Texas.

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